Rereading Twilight: Chapters 10-12

Rereading Twilight: Chapters 10-12

Saleena Nival

If you are new and wondering what this challenge is all about, here is the amount of times I’ve said the words “Edward” and “Bella” in the past three articles:

Bella and Edward names 1-9
This is quite a lot of times.

Summary Chapters 10-12
Chapter 10, “Interrogation”: Bella wakes up the next morning, thinking about Edward, of course. She eats and leaves to find Edward’s shiny Volvo parked in her driveway. He opens the car door for her like the gentlevamp he is and asks her if she wants a ride to school. She accepts. They chit chat on the way to school and then walk together to where Jessica is standing. Everyone is staring at them.
After Jessica embarrasses herself in Edward’s presence, Edward informs Bella that she will ask questions about them, including whether or not the two are secretly dating and how she feels about him. He also informs her that he will be eavesdropping on the girls’ conversation for the answers because he does not value her privacy. She has no problem with this because she, too, does not value her privacy.
In Trig, Jessica drills the answers out of Bella, to which she confesses she cares for Edward more than he cares for her; she also implodes from the effort of having a normal, human conversation with a normal, human “friend.”
The time of day Edward is talking about is Twilight. I sense there is some deeper meaning in this paragraph, but I am too bothered by, just, the book in general, to dig and analyze. Also, just at the top of the page: “gazed unseeingly.” Really, Meyer? You thought that was a good decision?

During lunch, Edward buys Bella and himself lunch. Bella asks fascinating questions, like can vampires eat food. Then, Ed says he is upset about Bella telling Jessica that she cares more for him than he does for her. He says she is wrong, though we do not know how he knows this, but apparently Edward knows everything. Bella explains herself, saying that he always sounds as though he is saying goodbye. This starts a huge conversation that is actually not that interesting.
When thinking about Edward leaving, Bella says to herself, “If I had to, I suppose I could purposefully put myself in danger to keep him close.” This is when the reader realizes how sane Bella really is.
Edward segue-ways to their date in Seattle. They agree not to go and to, instead, hang out in the sun. Bella says she doesn’t want Charlie to know about them, and Edward disagrees. They then discuss hunting; Edward eats Simba for dinner and for some reason Bella wants to see that, which is another piece of evidence to her sanity. Smart-Eddy makes an appearance and abhors the idea. Thankfully, the chapter ends.
Unfortunately, there’s more. Chapter 11, “Complications,” starts with Bella lusting over Edward during a Biology film, which is always fun to read. She obsesses over how perfect he is and how he could not get any more perfect and how she cannot breathe because he is so perfect. She also briefly mentions his perfection.
Afterward, Bella fails at gym.
Mike asks her about her relationship with Edward, and tells him to mind his own business. Despite this, he says he doesn’t like it: “He looks at you like…like you’re something to eat.” Bella finds the idea of Edward eating her funny.
After gym, Bella meets Edward and he says “Newton is getting on my nerves,” and admits that he was eavesdropping yet again. Surprisingly, Bella is upset about this, but accepts his halfhearted apology.
Edward brings Bella home. On the ride to school the next morning, they begin to play a one-sided 20 Questions; Edward wants to know every interesting fact about Isabella Swan, so the conversation is rather short. At the end of the school day, he drives her home and they talk until twilight. Edward gets all uncomfortable as Jacob Black and his dad, Billy Black, pull up to her house and so he leaves. Bella suspects that Billy thinks Edward is a vampire.
Yes, and Edward is old enough to be your great-grandfather.

In Chapter 12, “Balancing,” Jacob and Billy spend the evening at the Swan house. Jacob makes light, friendly conversation and Bella ignores him half the time because she is too busy calculating the derivative of the curve of Edward’s chiseled jaw, otherwise known as e’(c).
The next morning, Edward and Bella carpool once again. During lunch, Edward says he is leaving early with Alice, so Bella will have to watch the rest of the Biology film all by herself. She asks why and he says because he is hunting before their day full of fun in the sun. He reveals how nervous he is about their date, not because he thinks he’ll be awkward, but because he thinks he might kill her. She feels bad for his nerves.
Meanwhile, Rosalie gives Bella a dirty look and Alice introduces herself before escorting Edward to the forest.
The next morning, Edward arrives bright and early for the date. Bella drives to the edge of the forest and the two walk five miles to a clearing in the woods, a beautiful meadow. The sun is out, so Bella turns to look at Edward, who takes a deep breath and steps out. Such a cliffhanger.
I hate Edward. I hate Bella. I hate this story. I strongly dislike Stephenie Meyer (because hate toward other human beings, even horrible writers, is not cool).
Let’s start off with the most infuriating character ever created on the face of the planet and even beyond that: Bella. There are no words to describe how stupid she is, so maybe her own will suffice: “Since I’d come to Forks, it really seemed like my life was about him.” Yes, what a great message to send to thirteen-year-old girls reading this book. Make your entire life about a boy you barely know. Also, if this boy thinks about leaving, create a plan that involves hurting yourself so that he will stay. Yes, this is all responsible, sane, respectable behavior.
Green: Notice how she says “desire” will win out over the others (I’m not sure if that is actually English). Why didn’t she say love? Just desire. Pink: Nice; I want my life to be about a boy I don’t know, too. Blue: Wow, abusing drugs. She is such a good role model.

Is Meyer even serious, right now?
Bella should have her psych evaluated! She’s crazy, absolutely delusional. I can’t even believe Meyer created her this way. 
Edward is increasingly enraging. He continues to be controlling and continues to cross the line with Bella (to which she continues not to care). His possessive behavior shines through by his negative comment about Mike. Why is he getting on your nerves, Edward? Because he, unlike you, is concerned for Bella? Because he sees right through you? Because he is not rude and disrespectful like you? I hate you, Edward. You suck (pun intended).
On the other hand, I like the newest character introduced, Billy Black. Bella doesn’t seem to like him, which makes me like him even more. Best of all, he is rightfully cautious about vampires…finally, a sane human being!
As I read each chapter, I wonder why sixth grade Saleena was so obsessed with the series. The reason young girls like this series is because all they understand is Bella’s description of Edward’s perfect features. Everything else–namely the remaining 400 words–go right over their little heads.
Twilight 1-6 quotes
I have to say, I am not looking forward to the next three chapters.