Battle of the Pizza


Ciara Nicdao- Richardson

As I take a bite out of the gooey slice, my mouth is in heaven. Pizza has been my favorite food since I was a toddler. With so many different styles and different toppings to choose from, you can eat it everyday. There’s Artisan Style, Chicago style, New York Style, Pizza Bagels – you name it. Pizza has been the latest food craze in our school ever since Blaze Pizza opened in Clark this summer, but is it better than other pizza joints around town? Thanks to the students who took my survey, we’ll see which pizzeria is the most popular.
I asked 85 students from SPFHS to rank their favorite pizzeria from best to worst. The options were Nicks, Alfonso’s, Blaze Pizza, Italian Village, Casa di Pizza, Fabio’s, Nunzio’s, and Fiamma Wood.



Looking at the results, only one student heard of Fiamma wood. That’s surprising because I ate there during winter break and the pizza was divine. Although this place is a little pricey, it’s real authentic pizza since it is cooked in an Acunto Wood Fired Brick oven that was handmade in Italy. Come take your friends and taste it for yourself.
Blaze Pizza; Your mouth will be blazin’ when you enter this unique parlor. It reminds me of Chipotle where you build your own pizza on an assembly line. Personal artisan pies are delivered to you in 180 seconds (at least that’s what they claim) and will cost you about $5-8 plus tax.
Nunzio’s; You will be making your way out the door due to greasy pizza’s and bad service.
Fabio’s; Slices are overpriced and are too thin, but if you want some tasty cheese this is the place for you.
Casa di Pizza; This pizza joint is as good as Fiamma Wood but I was surprised that only four people ranked it as their favorite. As you take your first bite, the sauce and crust will dance in your mouth.
Nicks & Alfonso’s; Great afterschool snack spots. Alfonso’s is super close to the high school. A slice at Nicks cost $2.10 and Alfonso’s cost $2.00. If you want a delicious crunchy slice make sure you stop at Alfonso’s. If you want a variety of choices and a thick slice make sure you stop at Nick’s.
Italian Village; This place has some slammin’ buffalo chicken pizza and if you want to try it, take your friends and drive down to Plainfield. A slice only cost $1.50 and it will make your mouth jump with joy.

If you don’t agree with the results, take the survey or write your comments below to add your opinion.
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