“Nick Jonas” doesn’t live up to expectations

“Nick Jonas” doesn’t live up to expectations

McKella Sylvester

By McKella Sylvester

Unnecessary falsettos paired with sexual innuendos and post-breakup whining creates  the foundation for Nick Jonas’s self-titled debut album.

The 22-year-old Jonas Brothers alumnus attempted to dissolve his Disney image with a shirtless Mark Wahlberg-inspired photo shoot for Flaunt magazine in early October. The photo shoot gave fans the expectation that his album would sound sultry and alluring; however, the album ended up falling short with weak lyrics and heavily-produced backing tracks.

Nonetheless Nick Jonas is not completely bad. Tracks like “Warning” and “Take Over” have exceptional rhythm and lyrics that are coherent. Although his lyrics are substandard, listeners can hear that the singer’s voice has developed. If you were a Jonas Brothers’ fan, listening to Nick Jonas’ new solo album may be a disappointment to the upbeat, kid-friendly tracks of his former music group.