Carrie gets revenge once again in new remake

by Saleena Nival
Carrie White is a shy high schooler terrorized by her fellow classmates every day at school. She comes home to an overbearing mother who shoves her into dark closets and throws drinks in her face as punishment for speaking her mind.
When Carrie discovers telekinetic powers–the ability to move objects with her mind–all hell breaks loose as she is pushed to the breaking point in the film, Carrie.
   Versions of Carrie from 1976 and 2013 have their respective highs and lows. The 1976 film’s success is thanks to its actors and credible effects. What the 2013 Carrie remake lacked in performance skill, it made up in believable gore.
Taking everything into account, 1976’s Carrie takes the win by a slight margin with four out of five stars.
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