Green, ‘09, to fight for NFL spot at Eagles rookie mini-camp

by Trevor Skanes
Marcus Green, number 41, a senior linebacker for Temple University, attempts to block a pass during Temple’s 37-28 win over the University of South Florida in October. Green has been invited to the Philadelphia Eagles rookie mini-camp in May, where he will be competing with some of the top football players in the country for a spot on the Eagles roster. As a Raider fullback and linebacker, Green earned multiple awards, including 2008 Union County Player of the Year. In his senior year at Temple, Green racked up 37 tackles, five tackles for loss, and two sacks in the Owls’ four-and-seven season.
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“At first when I was little, my dad almost forced me to play football because my older brother played. When I went to Temple, I knew if I worked hard, the sky is the limit on my capabilities,” said Green, who appeared at the Eagles’ Pro Day for local talent on April 2. “I think that the coaches saw my work ethic and position skills, and that I gave 100 percent on every drill.”