The Carrie Diaries transports viewers to Bradshaw’s life before Sex

by Emily Isola
Carrie Bradshaw is back. The Sex and the City character  returns to the television screen, but this time as a 16-year-old girl living in suburban Connecticut in 1984.
The Carrie Diaries, the prequel to Sex and the City, is a new CW series that follows the life of Bradshaw as she tries to balance the drama of high school with her big-city internship. AnnaSophia Robb (Bridge to Terebithia, Soul Surfer) takes on the role originated by Sarah Jessica Parker with relish. Her over-the-top personality and passion once again come to life onscreen.
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The story starts in Bradshaw’s junior year of high school, just months after her mother dies of cancer.  Bradshaw must take on the role of mother and look out for her rebellious younger sister, Dorrit.
This realistic and energetic series incorporates aspects of Bradshaw that viewers came to know and love in Sex and the City.  Bradshaw’s determined, independent and fast-paced city-girl personality begins to emerge during her countless trips to New York City. Her hopeless romantic side is apparent as Bradshaw hopes for the best when it comes to love.
Her sense of fashion figures prominently in the series, especially when Bradshaw redesigns her mother’s old, ruined purse into a stylish handbag. The outfits that Bradshaw wears in the show are a fashionista’s dream, vibrant and detailed.
Bradshaw and her friends find themselves in real-life situations common to teens. Whether she is deciding between two guys or striving to stay above the pressures of high school, Bradshaw always tries to make the best decision for herself.
“My favorite part is the clothes and hair. I love seeing the 80s style on modern television because it’s so fun. Everyone wears what they want and there’s so much color,” said senior Sari Dorn. “I also like Carrie and Sebastian’s relationship because they both don’t know how to act around each other or what defines them as a couple; their relationship is like most young couples today except that they have to call each other’s house phones instead of text.”
Although Sex and the City characters Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte and Mr. Big are not present in The Carrie Diaries, Maggie, Walt and Jill “The Mouse” take on the roles of Bradshaw’s best friends, while Sebastian Kydd captures Bradshaw’s heart.
To cope with her mother’s passing, Bradshaw takes an internship working at a law firm in the city.  Eventually she will have to choose between staying at the law firm  as her father wishes or  pursuing her dream of being a writer.
“My favorite aspect of The Carrie Diaries is seeing the characters at a young age because it helps me relate to them more,” said senior Abby Hoffman.
If you are a Sex and the City fanatic, The Carrie Diaries is a great way to go back in time and enjoy more of the entertaining drama of Bradshaw’s life.