Rutgers moves to the Big 10

by Connor Smith
Rutgers University announced on Nov. 20 that it would be leaving the Big East Conference and making the move to the Big Ten Conference in the beginning of the 2014 football season.
The football team has transformed into a squad that can compete for the Big East title every year. However, other universities have also left the Big East to transfer to different conferences. After West Virginia left, the dominoes began to fall, and in 2014 the Big East will consist of only four original teams.

Rutgers’ move to the Big Ten will be beneficial for the school. The Big Ten has its own television network, which brings in $500 million per year. The football competition is much stiffer than in the Big East conference with the perennial Big Ten powerhouses.
“I definitely think the move will help the team, because they will be facing tougher opponents, forcing them to improve poor plays,” said junior Bridget Kelly.
The move also gives Rutgers a chance to play in the new BCS playoff system. Big Ten teams have made 26 BCS appearances, the most in any conference.
The move should attract more recruits. “People do not realize it, but New Jersey has some of the most talented football players in the country, and these players will love to play locally,” said social studies teacher Dan Valentine, a Rutgers alumnus and fan.
Since the announcement of the move, Rutgers has signed two four-star prospects, offensive guard Dorian Miller and cornerback Nadir Barnwell, both from New Jersey.
The Scarlet Knights had been a Big East doormat until  2006 when they won their first bowl game in school history in the Texas Bowl. The wide exposure connected to the Big Ten will also benefit the academic program.
“The more people around the country hear Rutgers’ name, regardless of the topic, the more students and athletes will want to go to the school,” said Valentine.
Rutgers’ move to the Big Ten will include an influx of money to the athletics department and the university. The move will better Rutgers’ football program and allow the team to compete for a national championship.