Obituary: Jersey Shore, 3, ends its long and pain-filled life

by Mike Rempter
Jersey Shore, the raunchy, dramatic reality show featured on MTV, has been laid to rest after its three-year, six-season life. The show, controversial yet entertaining from the start, had been battling years of declining ratings and criticism before finally having its life taken through cancellation in August.
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Through arguments, fistfights, jail time and even a pregnancy, Jersey Shore was able to hang on to life by a thread. The show’s main turning point came in the cast members’ journey to Italy, as ratings declined steadily after their ultimate return.
Freshman Bianca DeMaria, a loyal fan, offers an explanation for the show’s decline.
“I love it and am sad it’s ending, but it hasn’t been the same since Snooki got pregnant,” said DeMaria.
Regardless of the cause, the show’s ratings have fallen dramatically. The final season’s premiere episode had a 38 percent drop-off in viewers from the previous season premiere, an indication that the show’s death was both timely and inevitable.
Coincidentally, the show’s end comes just weeks after its place of birth was destroyed. As Hurricane Sandy struck the Jersey Shore on Oct. 29, the birthplace and home of the show, Seaside Heights, was buffeted by wind and water, causing damage that could take up to a year to repair. With this destruction, the show would have been forced to evacuate anyway.
The show’s tragic death also puts an end to the stereotypes of Italian-Americans and New Jersey citizens that were made common by the show.  With their  love of spray tans and drunken exploits, these so-called guidos and guidettes gave their culture a bad name.  Without the publicity of the Italian cast at the Jersey Shore, the connection between these people and their trashy behaviors will no longer be as prominent nationwide.
The final episode of Jersey Shore will air on Dec. 20.
Jersey Shore is survived by its daughter, Snooki & JWoww, and its son, The Pauly D Project. Both shows are approaching their first birthdays and can also be seen on MTV.