Maisel and Nizri double up to win

by Mike Rempter
Despite being the last two on the starting roster, the second doubles team of senior Hannah Nizri and junior Madison Maisel proved itself a contender, winning 12 of 17 matches when the overall team record was 4-14.

As second doubles, Nizri and Maisel formed a strong team, balancing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Nizri plays on the backhand side, while Maisel utilizes her forehand.
“Hannah’s backhand is superior to mine. My forehand is stronger. I can often go down the line or drag my opponent crosscourt for Hannah to punch a volley through the middle,” said Maisel.
The two also place a strong emphasis on communication. Friends on and off the court, the two agree that their success in each match can be largely attributed to their  interaction on the court. Nizri cites Maisel as a reason she is able to mentally stay in each game.
“Madi is really good at keeping me leveled. She talks to me and motivates me with useful tips. She also makes me laugh, which helps with keeping relaxed,” said Nizri.
Placing second in the Union County tournament and being named a team to watch by The Star-Ledger have been two of Nizri and Maisel’s achievements this year. They helped the Raider’s finish fourth in counties, the best finish in the past four years.
“Even against teams who are better than us, they are able to pull off a win,” said teammate Alyssa Leyden of the duo’s ability to pick up the team as a whole.
As the season ended, Nizri and Maisel were able to reach their goal of finishing with more wins than losses.