Newly remodeled Ferraro’s reopens after devastating fire

by Paige Heiden, photos by Allison Caramico
Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant, located on Elm St. in Westfield, welcomes back patrons with its new and much larger façade. The restaurant reopened in September, 17 months after a fire destroyed the original building and damaged others around it.

A 40-year fixture of the restaurant scene in Westfield, Ferraro’s continued its take-out and catering business from a much smaller South Ave. location during the rebuilding. But local fans still missed their perennial favorite eating place.
“I was very upset,” said sophomore Alexandra Bord of the devastating fire. “It was my favorite restaurant and I went with my family almost every week.”
Now, not only is the Elm St. location open again, but it is significantly different from the original. Owner Chuck Murray expanded the space into neighboring buildings, which he owns, and made the restaurant three stories tall. French doors on all levels open completely to the sidewalk or to balconies, allowing the feeling of al fresco dining in good weather.
“When I went to the reopened restaurant, I was blown away,” said Bord. “It was so beautiful.”
The first-floor dining room seats 220 people for lunch and dinner, while the second floor is a waiting room with a bar and lounging space featuring couches, comfortable chairs and flat-screen TVs. The third floor will eventually be used for private parties and other catered events.
Students expressed their relief that their dining traditions can continue. “When I think of Ferraro’s, I think of good memories spent with my family and friends,” said junior Kathryn Cunningham.