10 ideas for YOUR Freshman Dorm


Jada Montgomery, Sports Editor

As the college commitment date (May 1, 2023) is fast approaching, much of the senior class has at least an idea of which college they will be attending in the fall. For those committed and still deciding, it’s time to get a head start on shopping for your dorm! 

 Command Hooks  – Easy to apply and remove and helpful to maximize your storage!


Shoe Rack  – Keep your dorm clean with a place to put your shoes after a long day of walking from class to class.


Standard Alarm Clock Let’s be real! Your phone alarm that you snooze or sleep through is not enough to wake you up for a class.


Mattress Topper – For extra comfort and cleanliness after those long nights of studying.


Portable Laundry Hamper Make your trip to the laundry room convenient with this 2 in 1 hamper and backpack.


Shower Caddy – You’re going to share your bathroom with at least one other person! Be organized and grab yourself a shower caddy to keep all your toiletries together.


Hanging Organization Closet  – Most college dorms are under 200 square feet. It’s going to be packed! This closet organizer helps pack in more of your belongings.


Cleaning Starter Pack –  Living on your own and adjusting to a new place and environment can be rough, but don’t forget to keep your humble abode up to RA standards. Get started with this cleaning pack!


Lighting  – From decor lights to lamps, the sunlight won’t last forever so have some fun and light up your room!


Multi Plug Charger – Between your phone, computer, smart watch and more, this multi- plug charger will insure all of your electronics will last through each day.

*Items can be purchased at other stores.