Multicultural Club Hosts Food Festival

Connor Matulonis, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Dec. 15, from 6-9 p.m., the Scotch Plains Fanwood High School Multicultural Club hosted a food festival in the school’s cafeteria. All were welcome to attend with the help of a $5 entry fee. Food from a variety of cultures was offered. 


Those attending were able to learn more about different cultures through food. The food came from students and local restaurants such as Main Star Chinese restaurant and 2 Much Sauce. The festival had a variety of foods from around the world, including India, Greece, China, Israel, The Philippines, Japan, Barbados, and many other countries. 


Events such as a food festival help promote diversity within SPFHS and educate those about other cultures while giving students the experience to share the traditions and foods of their own.


“Our club hopes to continue educating on the several different cultures found in our district through future events such as (participating in) elementary school nights, field trips, and hopefully more food festivals,” Multicultural Club Co-President Sanaa Mahajan said. 


Watch out for the future of the Multicultural Club with more events in store. The club is always looking for new members and ways to promote and educate the students of SPFHS on cultural backgrounds.


“Through attending our event, attendees most definitely would have learned something new about another culture, be it through trying new foods, listening to music, or playing a new game,” Mahajan said. 


This was the biggest event that the Multicultural Club had hosted this school year and they have more to come. They had experienced a positive outcome and success from the food festival and the club is looking even further into engaging SPFHS in the various cultures of the community.