Sir Paul McCartney is Back with his “Got Back Tour”

Joe Kaplan, Sports Editor

Sir Paul McCartney will make his mark once again as he is set to go on tour beginning on April 28, 2022. 


Thousands of people will have their arms wrapped around one another, chanting some of McCartney’s legendary songs as he makes his way around the world on his way to get back with his fanbase. 


For years, McCartney has been an icon all throughout the world, impacting millions of fans who have adored his work. Now, he is about to go on tour once again, potentially for his final time. McCartney will play popular spots like MetLife Stadium, Sofi Stadium and even Fenway Park, singing some iconic songs that have been a glory to hear for decades. 


“This tour is definitely a great thing for McCartney especially because he hasn’t toured since the start of the pandemic,” senior Jonathan Dickstein said. “I think it’s a great way for fans to listen to some of their favorite songs and reconnect with their love for music.”


The Beatles are still known as one of the most, if not the most, influential, iconic bands in world history. Even today, their popular songs are always heard and sung by millions of people. Being one of the lead singers of the band, McCartney always makes sure to add famous songs like “Hey Jude” or “Let It Be” at these concerts, in order to reconnect fans with what could be known as the greatest songs of all time.


“The Beatles have impacted my life since I was a kid,” Dickstein said. “They were one of the first bands I’ve ever listened to, and to this day I still love them. The Beatles were one of my inspirations to play an instrument.”


This “Got Back Tour” will just not be an ordinary tour. McCartney, 79 years old, has been going on tours for quite some time, and it’s safe to say that this could very well be his last hurrah. His music has been adored by his fans for decades, and this tour will look to reminisce about some of his iconic songs. 


“It is great that he’s getting back out there,” economics teacher Joseph Higgins said. “I’ve never been a fan of his solo music as I am for George Harrison and John Lennon, but he seems like such a positive person. The more he plays, the better.” 


McCartney’s influence on the rock genre has been so inspirational that it has truly impacted millions of upcoming musicians who too look to inspire audiences with their work. The respect that his fanbase has towards McCartney is unfathomable. 


“I have a lot of respect for McCartney because he is a very talented musician,” Dickstein said. “He created a whole new genre of music that’s been around for decades and has written songs that everybody loves.”