Despite initial fears, no confirmed sightings of murder hornets in New Jersey

Natalia Nervi

As soon as the news broke that the Asain giant hornet, otherwise known as murder hornets had reached the west coast of the United States, most Americans panicked and began to fear for the worst. These insects have earned their nickname- they can grow up to 2 inches and their sting is powerful enough to penetrate a beekeeper’s suit. They feed on bee colonies and, in swarms, can sting enough to kill a human. Despite initial sightings in Washington and fears that they could migrate to the east coast, there has yet to be a confirmed sighting in New Jersey. 
While officials and insect experts have been scrambling to eliminate existing colonies before they can multiply, experts urge locals to stay away and call animal control if one is seen while still remaining vigilant- these hornets can sting through multiple layers of clothing and even beekeeping suits. Being able to fly at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, many had good reason to worry about these pests reaching the east coast. Many terrains found in New Jersey are their perfect habitat. However, thankfully, almost seven months since they were first seen, the hornets have not been located anywhere other than Washington state and parts of Canada.