The scoop on Prom


Juliette Ciullo

Prom is approaching, and because of that many Scotch-Plains Fanwood High School (SPFHS) juniors and seniors are prepping for an arguably archetypal American teenage experience. The two main facets of prom preparations entail attire and dates. So how do prom first-timers (AKA juniors) feel about their experience so far? Highlighted below are some juniors’ thoughts on the upcoming prom season, both positive and negative. 

Saying yes to the dress  Checking “no” to prom
  • “I don’t think prom dates are overrated or outdated, because it is still a fun way to spend time with classmates you don’t always spend time with outside the classroom. Dates are a positive aspect of prom, it encourages people to put themselves out there, which is a valuable skill later on in life,” junior Ethan Heifetz said. 
  • “I could see how getting a date to prom is stressful for many people. It’s hard to put yourself out there when you aren’t sure what kind of answer you will get,” junior Ethan Heifetz said 
  • “It’s not for me, I never enjoyed parties and to spend that much on an experience that I’m going to make me miserable isn’t worth it. I also believe people stress too much about prom, especially for Junior prom.” Junior Dylan Bordman said.
  • “I honestly don’t think valuing what comes before or after prom is bad at all,” junior Rachel Small said. “Prom is a part of American high school culture just as much as the pre and post-prom activities.”  
  • “I’m definitely more excited about getting dressed up with my friends, prepping for the experience, and going to an after-prom party afterward,” junior Mae Merkle said. “I think that’s a common opinion which is totally fine. All of those things are part of the reason events like these are fun.”
  • “I think prom shouldn’t be valued as more than it is. It’s just a dance and while that can be incredibly fun it’s not going to be a life-changing event,” junior Rachel Small said. “Neither will the parties after, but people can be excited for whatever sounds the most fun to them and it’s absolutely not a problem.”  
  • “Prom is definitely overrated, but in my opinion that’s the reason it’s fun,” junior Mae Merkle said. “It’s exciting to get hyped up for an ‘important occasion’ whether it’s really that special or not. “
  • “If prom dates make single people feel left out then there are probably many things that make them feel left out,” junior Rachel Small said. “You just as easily go with friends and have a great time as you can with a date. If you’re basing your self-worth on your relationship status prom isn’t going to be the only thing that makes you feel terrible.”
  • “Prom can be a source of stress for single people, but only if you let it be,” junior Mae Merkle said. “At first, I was nervous about finding a date but then I decided to let it go and go with one of my close friends. I’m sure I’ll have more fun now that I’m not worried about asking someone or getting asked.”