“Cabaret for a Cause” raises over $2,500 for Children’s Specialized Hospital


Emily Wyrwa

On Wed. Feb. 12, the SPFHS choirs performed in their annual “Cabaret for a Cause.” The event raised over $2,500 for the Children’s Specialized Hospital of Mountainside, NJ. 
The choirs (Sensations, Chamber Choir, Select Choir, Las Cantadoras and Men’s Choir) performed selections of musical theatre for audiences. There were also many soloists and groups featured throughout the night. 
Senior Gabrielle Klausner helped orchestrate the event to coordinate with the Children’s Specialized Hospital for this fundraiser. She is proud that the event was able to raise so much money for the Children’s Specialized Hospital. 
Something that was also really special was I was able to coordinate with Leah Hansen, who is the 2020 Children’s Hospital networks, champion of the year,” Klausner said. “She had a spinal stroke and through the specialized care that was provided in the long term care center was able to recover and get on a road to rehabilitation…. [Leah] wasn’t even able to walk and then when you were able to see her walking, you know up to the stand and sharing more she was an athlete and sharing more about how she’s been able to get back into that,” Klausner said. “People were saying some teachers are like there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, just because everyone was so moved by the story.”
Attendees were not charged admission to the event but were encouraged to make donations to the Children’s Specialized Hospital. Klausner also organized a concession fundraiser. Choir students and families donated baked goods and concessions; all of the money from this concessions stand contributed to the total raised from the night. 
The choir students worked long and hard to prepare their pieces for Cabaret Night. Notably, the Concert Choir performed a medley from Wicked: The Musical, the smash-hit 2003 musical. The medley featured a number of student soloists; the audience thoroughly enjoyed the medley just as the vocalists enjoyed performing in it.
“We all just came together for a night of great music for a great cause,” sophomore Sherin Kachroo said. “Everyone is really talented and I feel our voices blended together really well.”