Senior Prabvir Kukreja masters the art of mindfulness


Julia Sassoon

In the midst of stress surrounding schoolwork, social life and more, it is super important for high school students to keep a level head. Many students may long to become more mindful and composed but struggle to find techniques that work for them. Senior Prabvir Kukreja, also known as Vice President of the SPFHS Mindfulness Club, values mindfulness immensely and incorporates it into his daily routine. Here are some of his methods:

  1. Taking cold showers

Kukreja explained that taking cold showers is one of the hardest mindfulness techniques to carry out (especially in winter), but one of the most effective. He chooses to do this to help build his will power as well as experience health benefits such as clear skin. 
2. Meditating
Meditation is an essential aspect of Kukreja’s nighttime routine. He usually finds guided meditation videos on YouTube to become more aware of himself and stay focused. He has been doing so every day for over a month and has claimed that it has helped him improve his performance in school.
3. Having a technology-free hour
Every night an hour before bed, Kukreja turns off his phone and puts it away. The purpose of this is to wind down from the day’s activities and think without any distractions. 

“I feel that I am much more relaxed when I am not looking at a screen,” Kukreja said.

4. Journaling
Kukreja keeps a journal to record his daily entries. In his journal, he writes about the happenings of the day and his genuine thoughts. This helps him to reflect and learn how to improve himself. 

“The word mindful is thrown around a lot to mean being more positive and happy but that’s not what it really is,” Kukreja said. “To be mindful is to be fully aware of your actions and thoughts. It is to be proactive rather than reactive. Leading this lifestyle has made me a more focused and aware person overall.”

For those who wish to become more aware and mindful, take Kukreja’s advice and adjust it to any personal daily routine. In addition, look out for upcoming events run by the SPF Mindfulness Club.