Students relieve stress at De-Stress Fest


Sabrina Ngu

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020, the Mindfulness Club and the Interact Club hosted the De-Stress Fest. The De-Stress Fest was an event that lasted all day. Held in the Old Gym and the Dance Gym, both students and staff were able to participate in a series of activities. 
The De-Stress Fest has the goal to teach new techniques on how students can relieve their stress. These techniques are learned through the activities in their respective gym locations. In the Dance Gym, students were being physically active during “Just Dance” and a YMCA program called “POUND.” 
Meanwhile, in the Old Gym, the activities were more quiet, as the students doodled and partook in other mindfulness activities like yoga and meditation. All of these techniques are ways to reduce the stress in a student’s life while also having fun with them. 
SPFHS made it critical to address the wellness of their students, as well as their stress-filled lives. At this time of the school year, students, especially juniors and seniors, are undergoing a lot of stress. While juniors are in the midst of their college progress, seniors are on their way to graduate by the end of the year. No matter the student, stress is overflowing, both inside and outside of school grounds. 
To promote wellness, and as a part of the school’s wellness campaign, they’ve held similar events such as the De-Stress Fest in the past. Last year was Mental Health Awareness Day, where, through different stations, people learned more about depression, anxiety, lack of sleep and other issues that students go through. 
“Whether it is eating right, sleeping right, mental health, friendships, all different kinds of wellness, working out, stuff like that, this is a part of our wellness campaign,” said Elizabeth Knodel-Gordon, Student Assistance Coordinator of Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School. “We want to teach people that we know that stress is abundant in a high school with kids.”
SPFHS has plans for more events that address the wellness of the students for the near future. With these school events, people will be more aware of mental health and the well-being of their peers.