Netflix’s Bill Gates documentary shows a new side of Microsoft creator


Gabby Lancaster

Bill Gates is known for creating Microsoft and being one of the world’s richest men, but what many people don’t know is that he dedicates most of his time to charity.  Netflix’s new documentary “Inside Bill’s Brain,” which features three, one-hour episodes, discusses Gates’s charity work.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was created in 2000 by Bill and Melinda Gates as a way to fight consistent problems like poverty, sanitary issues, and polio.  “Inside Bill’s Brain” specifically sheds light on the necessity for a reinvented toilet. Bill learned that certain communities were getting their water from the same place that they went to the bathroom, causing a number of diseases and bacteria to spread.  Bill challenged inventors, engineers, and scientists to create a new toilet that would turn human waste into freshwater and it was a success.
The documentary also highlighted the foundation’s efforts to eradicate polio, a disease that is highly contagious and leaves the victim paralyzed.  Bill poured millions of dollars into researching why the disease was spreading so quickly and why the vaccines weren’t working. He realized that the location of the vaccinators wasn’t strategic and developed software to track where it was spreading and targeted those areas first.  
Before he was a philanthropist, Bill was a software developer and created the world’s biggest technological company.  
“All I know about him [Bill Gates] is that he created Microsoft and made a lot of technological advancements at the time.  I think a lot of people only focus on the fact that he’s really rich and doesn’t really pay attention to how he spends his money,” senior Madi Slifer said. 
“Inside Bill’s Brain” discusses Bill’s career in software but also prioritizes his philanthropic attempts to improve the world.  Although lengthy and fact-ridden, this documentary shines a light on important topics that need attention.