Inspiration Rolls offer twist on traditional sushi


Sophia Iacona

In terms of creative ways to eat your food, nowhere comes close to the newly opened Inspiration Rolls in Westfield, NJ.
The unique restaurant offers up sushi burritos which are a delicious twist on classic sushi rolls served in a burrito-style seaweed wrap. The rolls can be customized, with filling options ranging from mango to kimchi to pickled red cucumber, and the fillings don’t stop there. Inspiration rolls offers yellowfin tuna, fresh salmon, shrimp tempura, pork and grilled chicken.
Although you can build your own, I decided to stick with two of the eight menu options; the American Dream and the Franklin.
The American Dream sushi burrito includes spicy tuna, cucumber, guacamole, mango, romaine flakes and spicy mayo. Needless to say, it was absolutely delicious. You could tell that all the ingredients were incredibly fresh and what made it even better was that there was so much more of the roll since it was a burrito.
The Franklin roll was equally as good and came filled with grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, cucumber, guacamole, carrots, fried onion and peanut sauce.
All in all, Inspiration Rolls is a great find for those looking for something unique and delicious.