Westfield Defeats Raiders soccer team


Sarah Spitzer

photo by Haley Nakonechny

     On Saturday, October 1, the boys soccer team suffered a loss against its biggest rival, the Westfield Blue Devils, at Gary Kehler Stadium. Ending the game with a 0-1 score, the Raiders lost to Westfield for the first time in the past five years at the Gary Kehler Stadium. Since the team was been rated No. 1 in the Nj.com Boys Soccer Top 20, they have been consistent with their high performance and winning a majority of their games. However, this past weekend, the team took their first loss to the Westfield Blue Devils on their field.
      Westfield went into halftime with one goal scored. At the final ten seconds of the game, the Raiders had the chance to create a tie and go overtime with the Blue Devils. As both sides of the stadium chanted and screamed for their teams, the Raiders missed the shot. No one had a thought in their mind that Westfield would defeat the Raiders. Since we have been extra talented this year for our boys soccer team, our fan section, Raider Nation, has been so confident and excited to go to each game to support their team.
     Even though the Raiders took a hard blow, the team will continue to thrive and be motivated to give 100% when they continue to play for the season.