Sherlock Holmes adaptation disappoints viewers


Colleen Robinson

It doesn’t take a detective to see that the film Mr. Holmes, starring Ian McKellen and Laura Linney, was a mysterious mess. Audiences nationwide were bummed to find out the so called “mystery” movie was nothing more than a mere drama. Viewers might have expected the movie to have killer action and jaw-dropping mystery, but instead received 144 minutes of pure boredom. Mr. Holmes had a lack of plot development and character sentimentality.
The film, directed by Bill Condon, was supposed to be one of the biggest twists on Sherlock Holmes. In the movie, Holmes comes face to face with his greatest threat: old age. Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with early dementia and can no longer recall memories from his final case.
This case still haunts his memories as he is unable to continue his legacy and take care of his prized possession, a bee sanctuary. Holmes must use all of his sleuthing abilities to save his memories from total demise.
The film’s lack of plot growth and character intimacy help plunge it right to the bottom of the movie pyramid.  Nonetheless, out of everybody, Ian McKellan actually portrayed his character, Sherlock Holmes, to a tee. Unfortunately, the supporting cast missed the mark when it came down to getting into character.  
Truthfully, anybody could have done a better job at showing emotion than the actual characters in this movie. It seemed the actors were more focused on remembering their lines than remembering to put feeling into their words. Likewise, the plot was so hard to follow I had to search it up online just to comprehend what was going on in the movie. This movie is one mystery that should have never been solved!