Deadpool a great addition to the superhero movie trend


Blake Mackey

In the film industry, superhero movies are all the rage. With the success of movies like “The Avengers” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”, how could they not be? But, even the most hardcore superhero fan, including myself, can admit that the industry is very oversaturated. We needed something fresh before every movie became four to five superheroes beating the snot out of a big bad guy. “Deadpool” is that breath of fresh air the superhero genre longed for. So sit back, grab some chimichangas and enjoy the ride.
“Deadpool” is the story of a man named Wade Wilson, who falls in love with a girl named Vanessa. Shortly after proposing to Vanessa, Wade collapses, and is rushed to the hospital. Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer. In an act of desperation, he meets a man named Ajax, who tells Wade that he can make his cells regenerate rapidly, curing the cancer. Wade reluctantly agrees, and is brutally tortured to activate the mutant cells in his body. However, these powers come at a cost and now Wade is scarred from head to toe. Wade vows to find Ajax so he can cure him and return back to Vanessa. While the plot is not the focus of the movie, it’s still interesting enough to give the viewer something to think about while they are hysterically laughing.
The acting in “Deadpool” is great, especially one standout performance. Ryan Reynolds absolutely kills it as Wade Wilson/Deadpool. You can tell through every line said in the movie that Reynolds truly loves the character, and is having a blast playing him. Reynolds’s performance was so stellar that I cannot imagine anyone else playing Deadpool in any future Deadpool films. Reynolds as Deadpool was a treat, but all the other actors were fantastic as well.
The best part of the film is the script and interactions between Deadpool and other characters. The writing in the movie is fantastic, and it finds a healthy balance between stupid humor and truly clever and unique jokes. Deadpool is constantly breaking the fourth wall by talking directly to audience. The anti-hero nature of Deadpool leads to interesting and downright hysterical interactions with the X-Men. Colossus acts as the voice of reason and constantly berates Deadpool for his ruthless nature. Negasonic Teenage Warhead acts as a typical teenage girl who behaves like she does not have time for the superhero business, leading Deadpool to constantly make fun of her for the stereotypes surrounding teenagers in modern society. The script and character interactions in “Deadpool” make seemingly outrageous characters seem relatable, especially Wade Wilson himself.
“Deadpool” proves that a director does not have to have a gigantic budget to make a great superhero film. All it takes is creative humor, great acting and a true love for the character. If you have any interest in the movie at all, do yourself a favor and see it, because it truly is something special.