4 Reasons to watch Doctor Who’s ninth season premiere


Photo courtesy of Shaun Smith on Flickr.com

Saleena Nival

Whether it’s because you fancy bow ties too much or you have commitment issues, you may be wondering if you should give Peter Capaldi another chance in the ninth season of BBC’s hit science fiction series Doctor Who. Sure, season eight was pretty good, but Capaldi is new and, well, not Matt Smith. And Clara? You still haven’t forgiven her for throwing the TARDIS keys in the lava that one time. I understand, and I had my doubts. But, as loyal Whovians, we have a responsibility to give new seasons a chance! After watching the two-part season premiere, I was thankful I didn’t give up. Here are four reasons why you should watch the new season of Doctor Who.
Capaldi wins you over with….sunglasses?
Every time the Doctor regenerates, the new actor who replaces our favorite character is critiqued. He’s too thin, his chin is too big, he’s too young, he’s too old! Despite the initial judgements derived mainly from heartache of losing the previous Doctor, the new actors usually win you over. Capaldi is no exception. He is absolutely brilliant.
During the eighth season, Capaldi was a bit all over the place, but by the end of the season, he grabbed his bearings. Capaldi definitely knows what he’s doing, and it is obvious he and Steven Moffat, the writer with no soul, are comfortable with who he is as the Doctor. So who is the twelfth Doctor? He’s funny, clever, short-tempered, and, most importantly, compassionate – shamelessly so. He has the most defined eyebrows you will ever see (they sort of make him look like an owl) and a pair of sonic shades. Don’t believe me? Watch it for yourself.  
Missy is so fine, she blows your mind!
If Mary Poppins had an extremely tough childhood and became psychopathic, she’d be Missy. As revealed in the finale of the eighth season, Missy is the Master reincarnated, a fan favorite time lord villain who hasn’t been seen since the tenth Doctor’s regeneration more than four seasons ago. Unlike the previous Master, Missy embraces her insanity and, something even more surprising, her rocky friendship with the Doctor.
Last season, Whovians couldn’t fully grasp what kind of villain Missy was because of the secrecy of her true identity, but “The Magician’s Apprentice” and “The Witch’s Familiar” truly compensate for this mystery. After her elaborate introduction in the first episode–her parody of “Hey Micky (Missy) You’re so Fine” will forever be stuck in my head–her wit, mischief, and pure evil paints her as the villain you love to hate. Throughout the premiere, Missy keeps you on your toes: is she truly on the Doctor’s side or does she have ulterior motives? This is not definitively answered.
Creator of the Daleks: friend or foe?
The Doctor’s oldest and most infamous enemy spurs all of the conflict in these first two episodes: Davros, creator of the Daleks. Davros is first seen as a child and then shown on the verge of death; the juxtaposition of the two time periods is mindblowing. Questions automatically bubble to the surface: What will the Doctor do? How did Davros become so evil? Why are there eyes on those hands?
“The Magician’s Apprentice” depicts the Davros we all know and hate, but the “Witch’s Familiar” really plays mind tricks. Davros experiences more character development in five minutes than all of his featured episodes combined. Yes, Moffat does the impossible and actually makes you feel for the vile man who made vile creatures who can’t feel. Biggest plot twist in history?
Curse you, Moffat!
As any great season premiere should do, there are so many questions left unanswered. How did the Master survive and where has he/she been this entire time? Will we see River Song and Captain Jack Harkness again? If not, WHY? Where is Gallifrey? Why are Daleks getting more and more colorful? Knowing Moffat, we may or may not ever get these answers, but I look forward to seeing what happens.
Judging by the premiere, the ninth season of Doctor Who will exceed all expectations. If you haven’t seen these first two episodes, go and watch them. You will not be disappointed.