A Horror Fan’s Review About a Movie that Just Keeps “Terrifying” People Over and Over Again


Sophia Lottmann, Staff Writer

Now, as you all know from one of my previous articles, I am a huge fan of horror movies . You can check out my article here if you would like. (“It was that Time of Year for Another Chiller Convention)


This past month I got the chance to go see the newest horror movie that everyone is talking about, “Terrifier 2.” Art the clown is back for another Halloween massacre through the quaint town of Miles County. 


If you thought the original Terrifier was disgusting, you might want to stay as far away from this one as you can. This movie picked up where “Terrifier” left off. Art the Clown, played by David Howard Thornton, has been revived. 


This new movie will make the horrific clown’s previous tortures look PG-rated in comparison to this new one! But not before he makes a pit stop by the local laundromat to clean his blood-soaked outfit. A year later, just days before Halloween, Art makes his massive return. In the months before his comeback, he has gained a bit of a diehard fan status in true crime fans like Jonathan Shaw who wants to dress up as Art for Halloween. 


His mother and sister Sienna are extremely against the idea partly because it’s very insensitive to celebrate a real-life serial killer, but also because Sienna has been having “terrifying” dreams about the killer clown himself. 


There is some sort of connection between Sienna and the clown, Sienna’s mysterious visions of horrific things fueling her nightmares and turning into reality. Jonathan believes their late father’s comic book. Their father dreamt about the bond Art has with his daughter, drawing clues as to how Sienna may be able to defeat this monster right before his tragic death. 


I believe “Terrifier 2” is the kind of movie that you will either love or never fully recover from.  Art gets into town ready to go. He’s got a new bag of weapons slung over his shoulder and a little sidekick that is maybe a hallucination but also maybe an evil spirit or a ghost. 


In the movie nobody can see her except Art, Jonathan and Sienna. Art‘s a busy clown in “Terrifier 2” and thanks to the great mind of Writer/Director/Effects Maestro Damien Leone, he uses all sorts of stomach-turning effects and graphics. It’s all a bunch of fun until the story gets underway.  I don’t think that anyone is coming to “Terrifier 2” for an Academy Award-winning monologue.


The violence of “Terrifier 2” is like a roller coaster. 


From senseless to sensational, gross to goofy, horrifying to hilarious, this movie has it all. You want weird, unexplainable grossness? You got it! You need blood and guts in your horror film? It’s all yours! 


It’s about an hour longer than the last one but in that extra hour, you’ll find special effects designed to make you feel sick for the next week. In my opinion, Terrifier was the grossest horror movie ever made until “Terrifier 2” came along. There is no rhyme or reason behind Art the Clown’s actions. The character has no lines in the film.


I’m pretty sure that’s on purpose though. It’s complete insanity, it was so gory at times that even my horror-loving heart had trouble watching it all from start to finish. In the middle of all of this craziness there is a sister-brother story of two young kids grieving over a lost parent while still trying to figure out the mess their lives became. There are some small clues that Sienna’s and Jonathan’s dad knew what was coming as well as something to do with a mystical sword.


Art the Clown is a memorable horror icon now with a horrifying smile, and it’s easy to see why fans have come to love the slasher villain. 


The makeup effects are gross, disgusting and creepy. Ever since Stephen King’s “It”, clowns have been a staple of creepy horror villains, but none are quite as disturbing or at times hilarious as Art. 


First debuting in a short film, which was later edited into the original Terrifier film, Art has had quite the cinematic journey.  “Terrifier 2” remains his largest one though as of now. 


When filming was delayed, Leone took time to build more prosthetics to make it even more gruesome. These two films are certainly not for the faint of heart, or even for those casual horror fans just looking for something spooky/scary. Like Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees, Art remains completely silent, but unlike them his face is incredibly expressive and it’s what makes the role.  We’ve seen gruesome gore in films before like “A Nightmare On Elm Street” or “Chucky”, but here we have Art with a wide smile, silently laughing his butt off as he does these horrific things.  


It’s almost as if he’s aware there’s an audience watching him through the wall and he’s playing to them (or us). 


There’s an entire subplot about how Art may be more than just a simple homicidal clown. The inclusion of the little girl that looks like him suggests that there’s an entire other side to him that we don’t fully understand yet. 


Damien Leone is clearly building towards something with a potential third film. It will be fascinating to see where he takes his beloved character Art, but at the end of the day, it was the simplistic good old fashioned horror movies that we all love Terrifier for. 


Hardcore slasher fans may wonder why the gore in “Terrifier 2’” was so heavily hyped up, but they’ll definitely enjoy the old-school horror in Art the Clown’s second movie. Hold your stomach this gorefest movie is way too good to pass out while watching it. This movie made headlines all over different news sources for causing people to faint and vomit, with an ambulance reportedly called to one screening, “Terrifier 2” is not for everyone. 


Writer-director Damien Leone spoke with Entertainment Weekly regarding the numerous reports of viewers being disturbed to the point of vomiting due to his gory creation.

“Listen, I would have loved to have a couple of walk-outs, I think that’s sort of a badge of honor because it is an intense movie,” Leone said. “I don’t want people fainting, getting hurt during the movie. But it’s surreal. Here’s the thing, it’s called Terrifier 2, you should probably see Terrifier 1 before you jump into this one.”

This horror slasher definitely meets nauseating expectations. Blood, guts, No body part is safe from Art the Clown. 


But at the same time, I believe that people should do their research on the movie and expect blood,guts and gory scenes when they attend a horror movie. I actually got the chance to meet David Howard Thornton last October at Chiller Theatre Expo. 


He was not at all what you would expect. He was the complete opposite of his iconic role “Art The Clown”. When I first saw him I was extremely scared and nervous to go up to him (I wasn’t the only one) even though he wasn’t in his costume. 


So when I got enough courage to go up to him I was shaking a little. When he saw that I was really scared of him he was really kind and said that it’s okay, and that I didn’t have to be scared of him and that he wasn’t going to do anything to me. At that point he made me feel very at ease. Then he started joking with me and said “I know I did my job well when people are afraid to come up to me even when I don’t have my costume on.” 


I found out when we went to take a picture that he is a prankster too. 


When we went to take a picture he said “Hold on” and he went behind his table and got his little hat and his horn from the movie. When I saw that I immediately was so frightened again. 


After we took the picture he saw that I was scared again and he showed me his horn and said “Look, this one doesn’t squeak.” I was so relieved. The reason that I wanted to share my experience meeting him is because I feel that a lot of people give the people who play horror roles a bad reputation. 


They might think that since the person played a horror villain that they might be like that in real life. I can’t speak for everyone but from my experience that is definitely not the case. They have all been very kind and extremely nice people. Overall I would give this movie a 8/10.