Joe Biden sheds light on transgender rights in town hall


Sabrina Ngu

On the Thursday evening of Oct. 15, Joe Biden, former Vice President and Presidential candidate, participated in the ABC News town hall meeting at the National Constitution Center located in Pennsylvania. 
In this event, moderated by chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, Biden answered questions from a group of Pennsylvania voters, who maintained proper social distancing. Some voters chose to vote for Biden, others for President Donald Trump, and some were even undecided. Nonetheless, they all had questions for Biden, to which he had policy-heavy responses sprinkled with attacks on the Trump administration and how they led the country.
A major highlight of the town hall was when Biden shed light, as well as his support, to transgender rights. Pennsylvania voter Mieke Hacke is a mother of two girls whose youngest daughter is transgender. She asked a question regarding the Trump administration’s numerous attacks on the rights and lives of the LGBT+ community.
Biden responded that he “will flat out just change the law” in order to protect the LGBT+ community and get rid of these actions, as well as with an anecdote of him as a child, when he saw two men hug and kiss, to which his father told him that they loved each other. Not only that, Biden also addressed the issue that “too many transgender women of color are being murdered.” 
Biden’s support to the LGBT+ community was a step in the right direction for many voters, despite the long, jumbled reponse. 
“I think he’s absolutely right,” senior Alexandra Swiatek said. “Widespread violence against queer people and [people of color] is a huge problem, and it has to be talked about if anything’s ever going to change.” 
2020’s election day is on Nov. 3. With such limited time, it is up to the citizens of appropriate age to vote for a presidential candidate who they believe is the best to lead their country in the next four years, especially in such circumstances.