Losardo/Zimmerman are victorious in local election


by Jada Montgomery and Anthony Malta
“Becoming mayor will be one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs I’ll ever have,” Losardo said.
The mayoral and council seats of Scotch Plains will have two new occupants after Josh Losardo and Ellen Zimmerman defeated former mayor Al Smith and his running mate, councilman Ted Spera. 
Losardo is a passionate and experienced official, who is ready to improve the lives of the citizens of Scotch Plains. The new mayor previously served as the Deputy Mayor of Scotch Plains, under former mayor Al Smith.
“I feel motivated to ‘give back’ to our town and make a lasting impression on our local quality of life,” Losardo said. “Sometimes I regret not volunteering for the military or doing other public service… and serving now as an elected representative is my way of making up for that.” 
As a father of two, Losardo plans to redevelop downtown Scotch Plains to attract younger community members. 
“I intend to work more closely with our Recreation Commission to create more fun programs for our young people in town, as well as to create more summer jobs for teens where we can.” Losardo said. “Our redevelopment efforts, over time, will result in our town being a more fun place and a destination for others.” 
New councilwoman-elect Ellen Zimmerman is no stranger to combatting curveballs. She has been the Human Resources Director at Somerset’s Franklin Food Band for 4 years and dealt with the obstacles created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
“My mindset is one that includes the ability to quickly adapt,” Zimmerman said. “I am constantly changing my mindset at work to make sure people get food, especially among a pandemic that completely changed the way [the food bank] works.”
Zimmerman plans to use her flexible ways on the council. As a member of Scotch Plains’ community for over 20 years, the mother of three understands how the people feel and how quickly feelings can change in an unpredictable time. Zimmerman formed bonds with many SPF residents through her work with the PTA, Girl Scouts, JCC and Franklin Food Bank. 
Due to her lack of traditional political experience, but recent success in the area, Zimmerman is not a typical politician. However, her goals and her impact on the community may lead her constituents to embrace her unique perspective and approach to her role in the community.
“I want to take the people I know and help them get involved,” Zimmerman said. “Scotch Plains is our community. We want to give everyone a voice.” 
Zimmerman and Losardo are members of the Scotch Plains community and will avidly collaborate to improve the quality of life in the town. Though both have different strengths, they share a strong passion for their community. Scotch Plains will continue to thrive under their leadership.