What exactly inspires the spring athletes at SPFHS?


Cass Salot

We all have inspirations, and things that form us who we are. When it comes to athletics, inspiration can be anywhere, anything or anyone. It is safe to say that inspiration can be whatever anyone makes it to be, and that it can be found in places that can be least expected. As spring sports come rolling into Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, the athletes of SPFHS share what inspires them. 
Is there a specific athlete or person or quotes that gives you inspiration? Why?
Pete Alonso from the New York Mets. Alonso made his debut during the 2019 season, and was the league leader in home runs and became the first Met to hit more than 50 home runs in a season. His dedication to his craft is unreal, and is a true inspiration to anyone not just baseball players.
Did that inspiration influence your decision to play baseball? If not, what initially inspired you to play?
I have always played baseball, but Peter Alonso has inspired me to work harder, and give 110% of my effort into baseball.
Do you believe that athletes need inspiration to play a sport? Explain.
I feel that every athlete has been inspired to play their sport. LeBron James looked up to Kobe Bryant, and LeBron is one of the greatest athletes of all time.
How does your inspiration, whomever it may be, affect the way you play? How does it affect your outlook on life on and off the field?
My inspiration is what keeps me motivated. After every failure you have to keep moving on, and keep striving for greatness. Not just in sports,but in life. You have to always remain positive, because if you say that you cannot achieve your goal then you will not. If you keep saying to yourself that you will achieve your goal, that you will be the best, that you will make the team, or whatever it may be, then you will do it.
Do you think athletes need inspiration to be successful in a sport? Or having an inspiration or a “reason to play” makes you only better?
Does/has your inspiration change(d) your outlook on life? Explain.
Yes, I think athletes need to have some inspiration to be successful. Everyone needs motivation to keep pushing on after each and every failure because it’s going to happen. You will lose. However, it is the people who learn from their mistakes and use failure as inspiration that are the ones that will become successful. This changed my outlook because I know what it is like to lose, but I will never give up. Every day, I strive to make myself a better player and use those failures as learning lessons.