A nostalgic trip for a Generation Z: Nickelodeon joins Netflix

Alicia Goff

In the early days of November, the kids of gen z were ecstatic when they logged onto Netflix and found their favorite Nickelodeon shows and movies such as Victorious, Big Time Movie, the Rugrats movie and more on the front page.
With the launch of Disney Plus, Netflix needed something new to keep its viewers happy, so they decided to partner up with Nickelodeon and make what they call the multi-year “output deal” to bring their users some new family-friendly content. In this partnership, Netflix and Nickelodeon have plans to stream new original content with new characters along with bringing back some of the oldies such as a Squidward in a possible upcoming Spongebob spin-off.
“Victorious was added to Netflix this week and it’s been so cool seeing you guys reminisce about when it first aired. Had to take it back to our days filming on set in honor.” Victoria Justice, star of Victorious, said on her Instagram.
As Netflix is a platform with about 1.309 million subscribers and Nickelodeon is a channel with about 1.186 million people tuning in every year, by teaming up the companies hope to expand their audience and bring a whole new look to their shows.
Viewers are waiting, excited to see what the teams of nickelodeon and Netflix has in store for them.
“It’s so cool that Netflix and Nickelodeon are bringing back the old shows because with this decade ending it’s nice to be able to go back and reminisce.” Said sophomore Jordynn Blackwell.