As the Grammy nominations are released, controversy ensues

Natalia Nervi

Earlier this week, the long awaited Grammy Awards nominations were announced to musicians and music fans alike. No matter what the nominations are inevitably contested, but it is safe to say that this year was full of surprises. Among them included six for the internet’s favorite breakout star Lil Nas X, and eight for newcomer Lizzo with the most out of any artist.
Some more big contenders include Billie Eilish with six, Ariana Grande with five, Beyonce with four and Taylor Swift with three. With big winners, however, also come big snubs. 
Noticeable absent from the list of nominees altogether included K-pop group BTS as well as singer Halsey. BTS has been extremely successful the last few years, breaking into the American and international music scene at an alarming speed- breaking records left and right. Considering this, it is very surprising for them to be omitted completely. Singer-songwriter Halsey also did not see her name in the list- causing her to address the situation in her acceptance speech at the People’s Choice Awards. In the speech, she decided that the recognition from the Grammy’s didn’t matter- all that mattered was that of her fans. 
While many have criticized the omission of these artists, many do not agree with the inclusion of artists such as Lil Nas X for so many awards. 
“Personally I don’t think he deserved so many nominations,” junior Ryann Wall said. “Even though he has a few good songs that were popular, that doesn’t mean he deserves to win a Grammy.”
Regardless of opinions, it is clear that the Grammys are changing. The internet is becoming more and more influential in the music industry. 
The award show will be hosted by Alicia Keys and airs on Jan. 26, 2020. Tune in then to see who wins!