Netflix raises its prices once again


Gabby Lancaster

Netflix adds and drops titles every month, but in addition to losing classics like “Jaws” and “The Notebook”, starting May 1st, subscribers will also be charged more.  The price for basic subscriptions will go up from $8 to $9, and the price for HD streaming will go up from $11 to $13.
This isn’t the first time Netflix has hiked up its prices.  In fact, this is the fourth time Netflix has raised its prices since it first started 12 years ago.  However, this increase is its largest one yet. The streaming company’s prices are being raised from 13% to 18%.
The reason for Netflix’s constantly fluctuating prices is because the company needs to fund its original TV shows as well as afford other network channels like NBC and ABC.  Because Netflix has to pay for the rights to stream a certain series or movie, they can become pretty costly.
One of the biggest shocks of last year was the rumor that “Friends” was going to be taken off of Netflix in 2019.  Netflix cleared up the confusion and promised that the hit sitcom would still be available throughout the new year. However, it was recently revealed that Netflix paid $100 million to Warner Media, the company that owns the show, to continue streaming it.
Despite Netflix’s best efforts to keep subscribers amidst raised prices, some subscribers don’t think they’re getting what they’re paying for.  Netflix is taking away too many shows and not adding enough to make up for it.
Subscribers want entertaining content, and $13 a month should be enough to cover that.  Unfortunately, Netflix’s costly expenses are forcing subscribers to pay extra for unpopular shows and movies.