Netflix's new series "You" wows audiences


Cass Salot

The new thriller drama show “You”, starring Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail and Shay Mitchell is a show that’s definitely binge worthy. Its story line, characters and theme will leave you wanting more after every episode.
“ I loved the show ‘You”’ and the season finale definitely did not disappoint,” sophomore Jolie Lubalin said. It was a truly shocking and unexpected twist. I think the final episode did a great job of wrapping up all the episode’s prior. While I can’t say I was not sad about the final events of the season, it was definitely just as full of suspense and drama as the rest of the episodes.” You may be familiar with Badgley from Gossip Girl who portrayed the role of Dan Humphrey or Mitchell who played Emily Fields in Pretty Little  Liars.
“You” is centered around a bookstore manager and a aspiring writer. Joe Goldberg (Badgley) is working in the book store when he spots Beck (Lail), he immediately falls for her. Throughout the ten episode season, viewers see how far Joe will go to win over Beck.
The show first aired in 2018 on Lifetime but didn’t gain nearly as much of the praise then when it first reached Netflix in 2019. Thanks to the streaming service, “You” is the first hit of 2019 gaining millions of binge watching viewers.
Badgley does such an amazing job portraying Joe Goldberg. He keeps the character humorous yet creepy and somehow throughout the whole show you want to hate him, but yet you love him and are rooting for his success.  
Penn Badgley was extremely successful in his portrayal of Joe,” Lubalin said. “He was able to give an ominous and mysterious vibe to the character, while simultaneously being just clever and charismatic enough for viewers to feel for and actually like the character. This could not have been an easy task as Joe is both a stalker and serial killer, however, Badgley did a great job of developing his character into more than just that. Badgley allowed viewers to pick at the brain of a psychopath and allow them to understand what makes a murderer and how a felon can be defined by more than just a cold blood killer.”
Once you start watching You, your never going want to stop! Check it out on Netflix now!
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