Netflix Original “Bird Box” intrigues thriller lovers


Julia Sassoon

Netflix watchers are constantly searching for new and exciting shows and movies to get into. This December, the latest craze is the Netflix Original “Bird Box,”a drama/thriller film full of disturbing twists and turns.
“Bird Box” takes place in modern day California, where a mysterious and invisible force begins to wipe out the entire population. Once one sees the force, they are driven to kill themselves immediately— causing an outbreak of mass suicide throughout the country. If anyone wishes to survive, they must reach safety indoors without any view of the outside world. If one does venture outside, they must wear a blindfold to protect themselves from the force.
The movie follows the story of a young woman, Malorie, as she struggles to survive in the midst of the terror around her. It has a unique timeline, because it is not quite in chronological order. The film begins with Malorie embarking on a treacherous journey on a river with two unidentified children, all wearing blindfolds. The rest of the movie then flashes back to the beginning of the hysteria from the mysterious force, and alternates from scenes on the river to scenes leading up to her journey. This formatting makes it extra exciting, as it forces the viewer to put important pieces together and make predictions.
In the flashback scenes, Malorie is seen struggling to survive along with a group of strangers that gathered in a nearby home in a desperate attempt to find safety. The group works together to gather food and supplies, while trying to fathom any possible solution to their inevitable death. Not only this, but Malorie and another woman in the house are both pregnant at the time, leading to two births later in the film and revealing the children shown in the opening scene.
This movie is truly captivating to say the least, and very different from any thriller film most people are accustomed to seeing. It is certainly frightening and disturbing to watch, as the film includes graphic depictions of suicide. Equally scary, however, is the fact that the movie takes place in modern day society, leaving many viewers with an uneasy feeling at the end. Some might even say that the movie holds a mirror up to society: only those who cannot see the ugly truth of the world will survive.
If dystopian movies involving gore and tragedy offend you, you might want to steer clear of this movie. However, if you are a fan of the thriller or horror genre, this is certainly the movie for you. It is impossible to lose focus on the screen, with the ongoing mystery and shocking twists throughout.