"Fangtastic" Halloween costume advice

Shruti Khandelwal

Every year around early October, people start to plan their Halloween costumes. Some start searching the internet, while others may visit a local store to get ideas. Here are some things to take into consideration before you settle on a costume:
To start off, you might want to think of what you want the theme of your costume to be. This means it can be gothic, gory, chic, casual, animated, elegant, royal, historical, sporty, etc.
After you have chosen the theme, think about where you’re going. Will you be spending your day at work? Will you be going to a party? Will you be going anywhere where there will be a lot of young children? You should dress appropriately depending on the event’s atmosphere and the type of people present. Your costume should not make others uncomfortable.
Here are some common categories of costumes: movie/TV show characters, celebrities, video games, horror/gothic/gory, occupational, and sports.
To help you further narrow your choices, you can think about what the maximum amount that you can afford to spend on your costume. If you are going for something less than $20 – $25 then don’t settle on a costume that requires a lot of accessories such as a princess. If there is a costume you want but it costs too much, you can DIY your way through it. This means opting to make individual pieces of the costume instead of buying them.
Another deciding factor can be whether or not you can reuse parts of the costume in the future. If you are someone that doesn’t shop often or can’t afford to do so, you should look at costume ideas that consist of accessories or clothing that you can wear after Halloween. You may want to buy separate pieces instead of shopping from stores like Party City where the costume might come as a one piece.
Conbatulations, now you can make your dream come true for a day by dressing up as whoever or whatever you want!