SPFHS building offensively vandalized


A collage of various groups holding “#SPFUnitedThrough” posters. They were made in support of the movement created to bring those in the community together.

Q Zara

At 5:00 PM on Saturday, Oct 6, 2018, an act of vandalism was discovered at Scotch Plains Fanwood High School. An assortment of obscenities and offensive symbols were spray painted on the wall of the school facing the soccer field. Although the graffiti was promptly cleaned up by the school’s custodial staff, the incident riled up many people within the Scotch Plains-Fanwood community.
The incident has provoked strong reactions, leading many to question the views of some others within the community. Several individuals within the community have written op-ed pieces to TAPInto, voicing their concerns about this incident and the implications on the community at large.
“While it represents hate, it does not define our community and I think it’s an exception to the rule, but nevertheless we should acknowledge that it was a hate crime that will not be tolerated. I think if we continue to focus on that, then we can gradually move beyond this. “ Principal Dr. David Heisey said.
It is assumed the act was committed the night before the vandalism was discovered. It included an incorrectly drawn swastika, a pentagram, derogatory terms and an inappropriate message directed at an administrator.  
“I’m saddened by what happened and I’m upset about what happened. I would certainly like to find the people responsible.” Principal Dr. David Heisey said.
The police are involved and the person responsible, if it is a student, will face both disciplinary and legal repercussions. It is still an active investigation, so details about suspects and motives have not been revealed yet.
To combat the negativity surrounding the event, students within the community have started a campaign called the “#SPFUnitedThrough” movement. Participants in the movement show pictures representing different groups such as classes and clubs captioned with what unites them. It works towards bringing those in the community together, and reminding everyone that they should remain united, despite controversy and conflict.