Top five outlandish holidays of 2018


Vivian Chiang

2018 is host to many strange and seemingly random holidays. These holidays have faded into obscurity with their weird customs. Below are some of the most outlandish holidays featured in 2018.

  1. World Naked Gardening Day

Ever wish you could mow your lawn without any clothes on? Now you can and with minimal judgment. This holiday was created by Mike Storey and Jacob Gabriel for their Body Freedom Collaborative project and is now celebrated by nudists all over the world. This funky holiday is on the first Saturday of May.

  1. Hoodie Hoo Day

The silly name hides a wholesome holiday that sets out to relieve the masses of their winter blues and get them excited for springtime! This holiday was created by Thomas Roy, who is known for creating over 80 different holidays like Bathtub Party Day and Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. Bust out your brightly colored sweaters on February 20th.

  1. Eat an Eskimo Pie Day

Many have no idea what an Eskimo Pie is. It’s just a chocolate covered ice cream bar, and apparently, there’s a holiday dedicated to it. Not a lot is known about this holiday, but it’s fun and weird nonetheless. Try not to get brain freeze on March 28th.

  1. Lima Bean Respect Day

Respect! The! Beans!! They’re a good source of fiber and not that bad. Celebrate this holiday by incorporating the beans into one of your meals or just respecting the bean itself (shrines included). Show your love for the butter beans on April 20th.

  1. Axe Throwing Day

What once started out as a Canadian way to pass time outside has morphed into a sport that now has its own holiday. Just make sure not to walk downrange while they’re throwing. The World Axe Throwing League offers complimentary ax throwing at all their locations in the US and Canada. This fun holiday is celebrated on June 13th.