Top tips for conquering school stress

Top tips for conquering school stress

Julia Sassoon

Whether it’s freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year, every school year brings new challenges and prompts unnecessary stress. Although it can be difficult, there are quick solutions to help handle the buildup of high school stress.

  1. Meditate

Although this may seem strange, a little meditation every day can help to temporarily forget about your worries. There are many free phone applications such as “Headspace” and “Calm” that provide short guided meditation sessions to free your head of any stress. Many of them are five minutes or less, so try and set aside a few minutes each day to clear your mind.

  1.  Take a bath

Although this may be a typical hygienic routine for some, a bath can sometimes be much more therapeutic than a regular shower. Especially with a bath bomb or bath salts, a bath can be the perfect setting for relaxation after a long day of schoolwork. Not only this, but a bath forces time away from technology, which can be a positive thing when trying to be distracted from any worries.

  1. Exercise

Sometimes, a workout can be just what you need when your mind is consumed with stressful thoughts. Not only will getting exercise make you feel a sense of productiveness, but it helps you generally feel good. Following the workout, you can focus more on the important things on your to-do list, as you will feel a little happier and healthier.

  1. Take breaks

Although the buildup of work can drive you to spend hours on end doing busy work, this approach can be counterproductive. Between assignments, allow yourself to take short breaks. Rewarding yourself between each assignment can help you focus more on each individual task at hand.

  1. Keep organized

Organization is the key to keeping a level head. To minimize stress, it is important to keep all papers organized and keep a daily planner. If you are organized, you are less likely to forget about something or procrastinate. This way, things can be done more quickly and efficiently, and there will be less weight on your shoulders to remember everything that needs to be done.

  1. Put things in perspective

Oftentimes, the overwhelming stress of school and other aspects of life can skew our perspective of life. Try and remember that one assignment won’t affect your whole grade, and one bad test isn’t going to ruin your life. High school only happens once, so try not to stress too much and enjoy yourself!