The results are in for the 2018-2019 student council elections


Melanie Litwin

On Wednesday, June 6, the results of the 2018-2019 student council elections were officially announced. Within each grade, students have been campaigning for their peers’ votes for various positions, including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
The results were as follows:
Freshman Class
President: Carly Walker
Vice President: Ryann Wall
Secretary: Izzy Sutton
Treasurer: Rebecca Hernandez
Sophomore Class
President: Chris Muskus
Vice President: Jessica Lancaster
Secretary: James Maloney
Treasurer: Connor Alchus
Junior Class
President: Michael Dieu
Vice President: Julia Lomonte
Secretary: Morgan Wilson
Treasurer: Rae Mikula
The process of running for a student council position is relatively extensive and required hard work on the part of the candidates. While these students were already active members of student council, that does not guarantee a leadership position. In order to run, the candidates needed to compose essays detailing their strengths, create a digital poster, obtain two teacher recommendations and present brief speeches to their peers during lunch. Afterwards, the student body had the opportunity to anonymously vote for who they wanted to represent and lead their class.
“I feel very excited about the results,” sophomore secretary James Maloney said. “I thoroughly believe that Chris, Jess, Connor, and I make a strong team and are very capable of creating some awesome fundraising events.”
Students’ motivations for running for student council vary, but often there are similar themes of wanting to plan events and lead their classmates. While having this opportunity is very exciting, there is also a lot of responsibility that comes with such roles. Depending on one’s position, the jobs range from facilitating student council meetings and corresponding with teachers to taking notes or overseeing monetary spending.
Maloney is one of many students that are ready to accept their new responsibilities and he is already eagerly looking towards next year.
“The goals for next year are to create some efficient low priced fundraisers so that we can raise the most money possible for junior prom, which we hope to make an unforgettable experience!” he said.
The students are looking forward to embracing their positions, new and old alike. They plan to work hard to make sure that next school year is successful.