Students engage in discussion with Senator Cory Booker


On June 1, a number of Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School students along with students from around Union County attended a youth town hall with New Jersey Senator Cory Booker at his office in Newark, New Jersey.
Specific students were asked to prepare questions for the Senator that centered around issues that they felt the next generation were concerned about. Question topics included the environment, healthcare, marijuana legalization, the United States justice system, college affordability and the state of U.S. democracy.
Students were invited to sit around a large conference table where they spoke with Senator Booker for an hour. The meeting was also being live streamed on Facebook Live.
“It was a great experience,” junior Vadim Gorbaty said. “Getting some of your concerns addressed by someone who is so influential in government feels great. It feels like I’m making a difference.”
The Senator was extremely personable and receptive to the students questions, going around the table to ask the students their names individually and ease their nerves with jokes. The Senator also opened up about his love of Costco and told the students a personal anecdote about handing the McDonalds fries that he was craving to a homeless man in need; Senator Booker stressed to the students that the world would not get any kinder if people did not make an effort to be kind to one another.
The topics the students chose to ask about were also addressed and Senator Booker was able to speak in depth about the marijuana legalization legislation that he is working on, as well as his plans to make college more affordable for New Jersey families.
The discussion with the Union County students is one of the many steps that the Senator is taking to engage with the youth of New Jersey and hear their voices as many teens continue to demand change through marches and protests.
A stream of the meeting can be watched here: