2018 Junior Prom gives students a night to remember


Reina Makimura

Tables are dressed in white, matching flowers adoring each one. Programs listing food and Student council members sit at every other seat. Students from the class of 2019 slowly filter into the room, dressed in a rainbow of colors and styles. It’s junior prom, a highlight of many students’ junior year.
“Junior year was kind of rough, but prom made up for it because it was a night where I could be with my friends and dance,” junior Katya Avila said.
The night started off slowly, as people still checked in and found their seats. Eventually, the dance floor fills, and students laugh along to the music. Favorite songs of the night included Drake’s “God’s Plan” and the iconic “Cotton Eye Joe.”
The food, served buffet-style about halfway through the night, included pasta and meats along with several options for sides. Dessert included pastries and strawberries to dip in a much appreciated chocolate fountain.
Around 10:00PM, Student Council paused the music to announce this year’s Prom Prince and Princess. The nominees were Ben Kuperschmid, Zach Meyers, Stephen Orduro, Alex Oslislo, Johnathan Ramos, Tyler Stines for Prom Prince. Avila, Tori O’Connor, Jesse Friebly, Carina Lopac, Julia Pankiewitz, and Isabella Verga were nominated for Prom Princess.
The winners were voted on by attendees through a Google Form. Junior Stephen Orduro was elected Prom Prince. Taking the title of Prom Princess was Avila. Both were heavily supported by cheers from the watching crowd.
“I was very surprised, but definitely very happy,” Avila said. “I wasn’t expecting it.”
Avila, who sported a sparkling red dress, made her outfit by hand. Being Prom Princess gave her an opportunity to show it off.
“It was quite difficult [to make it], but it was fun,” Avila said. “People I didn’t know came up to me and told me that they loved it, which was super cool, and I got to make new friends.”
Junior prom gave everyone a chance to dress up and hang out with their friends. It also was an opportunity to see people outside of school who one normally wouldn’t. Every student looked stunning. The night was a fun one, with much dancing, laughter, and joy among all students. The 2018 junior prom was certainly a night to remember!