Raiders baseball crush Colonia Patriots


Shannon Persaud

On Friday May 11, the Raiders varsity baseball team hit out out of the park, with a landslide victory against the Colonia Patriots. The 5 inning game ended with a score of 11-1 with the 10- run mercy rule.
The Raiders’ victory began in the first inning. Ending the inning at a score of 3-1 in favor of Scotch Plains, there was no doubt in the crowd’s mind that this game was a clear-cut win. The effort put on the field by the boys was indicative of the obvious victory in favor of SPF
“The boys played exceptionally today,” coach Joseph Higgins said. “We’re starting to hit the ball a lot better lately, and we have fantastic leadership on the team.”
By inning two, the Raiders played with all their effort and it payed off. With Downey catching an out within the first minutes of the game, the boys were able to go into the dugout after the third batter for the opposing team had finished on home plate.
Staring up the third inning number two, junior Jonathan Ramos, stole second. Number 24, senior Patrick Downey walked leaving senior captain Sam Schetlick up at bat with a man on first and second. Senior Anthony Dinizo had two RBI’s. Scotch Plains is on fire during the 3rd inning with the Raiders scoring 6 points alone.
“I hope we keep hitting as well as we have,” Shetlick said. “Hopefully we just keep playing good D and doing everything that we need to do.”
The raiders have had a great season and have a few games left. Go out and support our Raiders!