Students acknowledge teachers during National Teacher Appreciation week

Giancarlo Castro

With teacher appreciation week underway, students were interviewed to highlight teachers that are doing great work.
Abby Yarbenet:
Who is your favorite teacher?
My favorite teacher is definitely Mr. Capron.
Why do you think he especially deserves to be appreciated during the week?
He’s made english an extremely enjoyable class. With all of his funny jokes and crazy behavior with his very loud burping, his openness about his personal life and bodily functions. He’s made english fun.
What has he done for you specifically?
He helps me when I’m struggling. He makes sure that every student succeeds and he only wants to see everyone to do their best. He’s extremely understanding, you can talk to him about whatever, whenever. You know that he’s not gonna judge you.
What’s your favorite memory with him?
Usually before our vocab quizzes we’ll have kahoot sessions, and we’ve done kahoot sessions with vines and other different random things and those are always fun.

Yarbenet and Capron pose together in Capron’s classroom.