Battling senioritis–getting through the last three months of school smoothly and happily


Giancarlo Castro

With the year slowly coming to a close, many seniors are beginning to lose sight of what the rest of the year looks like and are focusing on their time beyond high school. This, in turn, may mean less productivity and more unwillingness to perform all their necessary tasks in school.
This article has a bunch of helpful tips and tricks in order to combat senioritis and get through the rest of the year (relatively) pain-free.

  1. Take one day at a time

Once students get to senior year, the only thing on the forefront of their minds is college and graduation. Taking things slowly and enjoying each day with friends and teachers can really help this, though. Although it is easy to get wrapped up in the daydream of the future, taking things day by day really helps with the impatience that comes with senior year.

  1. Think of this time as training for college

It’s very easy to forget that within a couple of months, the stress of college work will be in full swing. Taking this time to think of yourself as a college student trainee could serve to help students in their futures in college. Losing certain study habits and a work ethic could be greatly detrimental later on.

  1. Have fun!

After working four hard years to get into college, it definitely is time to have some fun and hang out with friends. Make sure that you make time to hang out with them, as these are the last couple of months with them before you venture out into the world!