Black Mirror entices Netflix viewers

Julia Sassoon

With new shows coming to Netflix right and left, it can be hard to decide which series to binge watch next. However, a definite must-watch is the riveting science fiction show “Black Mirror”. This series explores the flaws of our complex society through exaggerated and futuristic elements of technology, society and human interaction.
Although “Black Mirror” is a series, each episode is different from the last. Every episode features a new set of actors, as well as a new central message. This adds variability to the series, and provides viewers with a unique experience with every episode. It is also convenient because the series has no specific chronological pattern, so episodes can be watched in any order.
Each episode is centered around some form of dysfunction or flaw within a person, a form of technology, or the government in a given society. In some episodes, the characters attempt to go against a great issue of modern society, while in other episodes the characters are tormented by something they cannot control.
Some overarching ideas in the series involve characters who are victims of blackmail, torture, mental instability, and government control of interaction with other people. The use of these concepts is generally quite disturbing, no matter which episode it is in.
Not only are the themes intriguing, but the phenomenal acting on the show brings the situations to life. It is not easy to portray a character successfully when acting out such bizarre situations, but the actors in this show are certainly impressive in this area. Some of the show’s more well-known actors include Bryce Dallas Howard (“The Help”), Alice Eve, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Tom Cullen and Jerome Flynn (“Game of Thrones”).
A stand-out element of Black Mirror is its ability to build suspense. It is nearly impossible to lose focus on the screen, as the events that occur in the show are distinctively twisted and unrealistically interesting. Most episodes end on an uncomfortable note, but every episode leaves viewers with something to think about.
However, this series is not for everyone. This show is for those who seek a thrilling experience, and can tolerate the distorted and abnormal concepts that it is based upon. The thing that makes this series so disturbing, at times, is that many episodes resemble real blemishes in our society in an exaggerated fashion. For those who are easily creeped out, it might be a good idea to watch this show with a friend or during the day time.
Episodes to check out:
The Entire History of You (Season 1)
Be Right Back (Season 2)
White Bear (Season 2)
Nosedive (Season 3)
Shut Up and Dance (Season 3)
Arkangel (Season 4)
Hang the DJ (Season 4)