Winter color guard spins their way into mid-season


Julia Sassoon

With the winter season in full swing, the winter color guard is hard at work with this year’s routine. The group’s season began in early December.
The winter color guard is based around the theme of music this year. The group performs to the song “Music” by Jojo. They perform their routine on a tarp that they painted themselves, which is made to look like a sheet of music, with black lines running across to resemble a staff.
“Our song is a really melodious and pretty song, so it’s very important that we emote with our faces,” senior captain Mikaela Tajo said.
The group wears long and simple black dresses to create the illusion that they are music notes moving along the floor. Their goal is to portray the liveliness and positive effects that music can have on people through their routine.
The routine involves a flagline and a weapon line with multiple different solos. Tajo performs a saber solo, and captain, senior Sarah Briante, has a dance solo at the end of the show.
Run by Jackie Close, color guard practices occur three times a week. Most practices consist of a group stretch, run throughs of the routine, and sometimes cardio or drills.
The group relies on the feedback of judges from past competitions to determine what they should work on more closely during practice. The main goal of their practices is to be productive and stay focused.
“We also make sure everyone is having a good time and try to keep the morale of the overall group high,” Tajo said.
The group associates their success with their mutual respect and close relationship.
“Our group is like a family because it’s such a small organization and we really have a chance to bond, but there is still definitely a level of respect that comes with being in this group,” sophomore Skylar Stagaard said.
The winter color guard experience differs from the fall season, because they perform without the marching band. This way, the group can perform closer to the audience.
During competitions, the group has the opportunity to both watch and meet other talented color guard groups from other schools.
Many members enjoy putting on show makeup and doing their show hair, as well as hearing the crowd’s enjoyment when the group nails a toss.
The winter color guard will continue their brilliant work until their championships on April 21.