Dunkin’ Donuts is sharing the love with their V-Day menu


Daniella Cohen

You can always count on Dunkin’ Donuts to keep the holiday spirit alive with their various menus during different holidays.
They are known for their orange and brown frosted donuts during Halloween and now they have created different donuts with creative names connecting to Valentine’s Day. Some of these donuts include the Boston Kreme donut, which is temporarily called the Boston Dream, the Strawberry frosted donut, named Pretty in Pink, the Pillow Talk Vanilla Cream donut and the Don’t Be Jelly donut.
These donuts are decorated in pink, red, and white frosting with sprinkles. Many people were excited to hear that Dunkin’ is bringing back a fan favorite, Brownie Batter Crumble, which is topped with chocolate icing and brownie crumbs and filled with brownie batter. The Barvarian Creame donut will temporarily be called the Cupid’s Choice donut and will be topped with pink and white sprinkles, and will have strawberry frosting.
All of these are great options for your Valentine and can be purchased at any Dunkin’ Donuts!