Yearbook “illuminates” the high school with this year’s theme


Stephanie Colinders

On Jan. 24, the Scotch Plains Fanwood High School Culmen revealed the long-anticipated theme of the 2017-2018 yearbook. Leading up to the release, yearbook members walked around with yellow balloons tied to their backpacks. The next day, the students and staff were greeted by the word “ILLUMINATE”, hanging on the wall by the main entrance of the school in all its golden and sparkling glory.
Pitched by senior Kiley Porter, this “illuminate” theme – while seemingly simple – has a powerful and deep underlying meaning.
“We decided to use it because it has a broad overarching theme that can encompass the diversity of the school,” Madison Goldberg, senior and Writing Editor said. “Overall, the idea demonstrates shining a light on things that make each high school experience unique and impact your life for the better.”
The theme embraces the idea of everybody having differences, and highlighting what makes people special.
Accompanying this theme are new segments that further emphasize the concept of illumination. For example, this year the Culmen is implementing “student spotlights” inspired by the popular column, Humans of NY.
“The student spotlights are new this year,” Goldberg said. “The human interest aspect of them will definitely delve deeper than we have in the past.”
In general, it can be expected that the yearbook will represent the many different facets of student involvement, and will illuminate the best aspects of high school to be reminisced on in the years to come.
“While high school can be full of ups and downs, it is important to acknowledge the things that have impacted us for the better,” Goldberg said. “And I feel that illuminate really shines a light on that.”
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