SPFHS makes the move towards block scheduling

Sophia Iacona

On Dec. 7, members of the Fanscotian staff along with Dr. Heisey, teachers and members of Raider News traveled to Montgomery High School in order to research block scheduling.
Scotch Plains Fanwood High School has a typical eight class, 45 minute schedule, but in recent years, the administration has been looking to make a move towards block scheduling.
Block scheduling offers students an opportunity to only have four classes a day on alternating “A” and “B” days. Block scheduling also often includes a unit lunch, which is a combined lunch period for every student and teacher in the school.
MHS has implemented block scheduling for several years now, and was gracious enough to to allow SPF students and teachers to shadow their respective peers for a day and ask questions.
Switching from traditional scheduling to block scheduling often creates a learning curve for teachers. The goal for the trip was to aid this learning curve by offering teachers the opportunity to ask their peers about how they schedule their classes and engage students through a 84 minute class period.
Besides the learning curve, block scheduling comes with many positives.  For instance, students receive a study hall period where they can work on group projects or study with other students. Unit lunch is also an hour in length, so it gives students down time to rest and rejuvenate. Other positives include homework being spread out over two days and not having the same class every day, which breaks up a somewhat monotonous schedule.
A meeting is being held on Dec. 14 to discuss the outcome of the trip. The administration will continue to research block scheduling until its potential implementation in the coming years.