Scotch Plains Library Celebrates Centennial of World War I


Rob Fisher

From September 18 to November 9, the Scotch Plains Library put on an exhibit celebrating the 100th anniversary of U.S. involvement in World War I.
The exhibit displayed a variety of art and memorabilia, including paintings from the time period and an authentic military uniform. The pieces were donated by library staff and patrons from the township, all of which had relatives who fought in the War.
Similar exhibits were displayed across the country after the program was started by the Library of America.
“It was a turning point in American history, so when we heard about this grant from Library of America, we thought this was a perfect opportunity to both commemorate and also to honor our living veterans.” said Pam Brooks, the library’s head of reference.
The library also hosted a variety of programs related to the topic of World War I, including lectures, workshops and film presentations. There was an enthusiastic reception from the citizens of the township on these programs.
The exhibit came to a close with a lecture from Ella Rue-Eyet on the series entitled “52 Reasons To Love A Vet”.