Student's get a glimpse of life after high school at SPF's college night


November 1st is marked as the first deadline for college applications for the next school year and SPFHS celebrated this with the 66th annual college night. Over 150 colleges set up booths and got put out pamphlets for the next round of college applicants. Freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors walked around SPF with their parents to take a look at schools that they will potentially apply to. Representatives from the schools tried to persuade students as to why their school differs from the rest. There were a mix of private and public colleges in different states. This was only an informational night and a chance for parents and students to see what schools might suit them.
Popular booths included University of Michigan, Rutgers New Brunswick and University of Rhode Island. There were many teachers there as well representing their alma matters.
In addition to the colleges present, there were also many branches of the military there recruiting and giving more information to prospective recruits.
All in all it, was a successful night for SPFHS students and parents.